Jenny Hval – Female Vampire

Everybody’s favourite Norwegian with a bowl cut Jenny Hval is coming for blood. After last year’s mesmerizing “Apocalypse, girl“, Hval is ready to venture deeper into the forest of symbols gender and body politics live in with her new album “Blood Bitch”. The LP focuses on the most elemental of those symbols, menstruation, the red thread the album has been woven with. It’s a fictitious yet personal story populated by characters from ’70s exploitation and horror movies. Please meet the first of these shadowy figures in “Female Vampire”.

Alex Anwandter – Siempre es viernes en mi corazón

It’s a long petal of wine, sea and snow according to its most eminent poet but Chile has prosaic sides to it as well. Pop music, for example. Chile is a country of songwriters with an outrageous sense for melody and a knack for the contemporary and the political. Take Alex Anwandter. His “Siempre es viernes en mi corazón”, first single from his second solo album “Amiga”, is a state-of-the-art banger that doubles as an anthem for disempowered queers.

Olga Bell – ATA (Video)

Brooklyn’s most cherished Muscovite Olga Bell has a new record out. Its title is “TEMPO” and it’s really, really good. What better way to celebrate its release than with an elegant but slightly disquieting video? The video in question is for second single “ATA“, a minimal pulsating track that pays homage to Frank O’Hara and “Moments in Love”.

Róisín Murphy – Ten Miles High

God might be dead but this goddess is alive, kicking and on a roll. It’s been a productive period for Irish icon and emblem of flawlessness Róisín Murphy. One year after the wonderful “Hairless Toys”, she is ready to give birth again, this time to a little mutant creature, “Take Her Up to Monto”, which was recorded during the same sessions of its predecessor. The album will be out in the summer but if you’re in an impatient mood, new single “Ten Miles High” is here to ease the wait.

El Guincho – Pizza

Coolest Spaniard ever El Guincho keeps being the coolest. This time, he’s championing pizza. Not in a conventional way, of course: it’s “The Wire“-flavoured pizza and you can taste it in the latest video from his wearable album “HiperAsia”, which is the coolest too.

Olga Bell – ATA


It’s going to cater to the body, Olga Bell‘s new album. Its name is “TEMPO” and if you have paid attention, you should know already it’s impossible not to move along its first single “Randomness“. Now it’s time to leave the dance floor for the moody afterparty of the second cut “ATA”.

Ash Koosha – Mudafossil


Ashkan Kooshanejad is a futurist but comes from one of the most ancient countries in the world. It’s not surprising: as old as it is, the culture of Iran has always had a strong sense for the modern and this young man, now based in London, is sure making something new. A tireless experimenter, Ash Koosha treats sound with the curiosity of a scientist. Fiercely electronic but shaped by years of Persian and Western classical music theory, his work comes from thought but ends up being intensely physical, always split between chaos and structure. These premises hold perfectly for his sophomore album, “I AKA I”.

Prince Rama – Now Is The Time Of Emotion


Everybody’s favourite Monster Energy superfans Prince Rama are unstoppable these days, and not just for all the stimulant drinks they’ve been guzzling. Their new album “Xtreme Now” is an explosive collection of high-speed hypertunes lifted from 2067, the year art and adrenaline will be as one. Here’s some footage of that, courtesy of the iconoclastic video for “Now Is The Of Emotion”.