El Guincho – Pizza

Coolest Spaniard ever El Guincho keeps being the coolest. This time, he’s championing pizza. Not in a conventional way, of course: it’s “The Wire“-flavoured pizza and you can taste it in the latest video from his wearable album “HiperAsia”, which is the coolest too.

A silky knot in the super-busy web of “HiperAsia”, “Pizza” is metal on velvet, the take of a robot on the smoothest ’90s R&B. It’s the kind of music computer people of the future would come up with if they had a thing for Common‘s early albums.

The video for the track was directed by Alberto Blanco, who, like Pablo, examplifies Barcelona’s peculiar and irresistible brand of swag. As anticipated, it’s a highly cinematographic homage to “The Wire”, its criminals and men in combats. His huge fur coat makes it clear but in case it wasn’t, the criminal here is Pablo himself. He acts as the head of a cartel that smuggles the best of all drugs, delicious addicting pizzas. We can all agree hiring black women in lingerie as servers is problematic and unsanitary but in the words of our polestar Britney, it’s all really exciting, urban and cool.

“HiperAsia” is out now via Everlasting Records, CANADA and Nacional Records (in the US). Buy it here.

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