Ela Minus – Kiddo


Guess. It’s sweet, slick and icy but it’s not melting ice cream. What is it? Do you give up? It’s “Kiddo”, the new offering from Ela Minus.

Guess, who’s Ela Minus? It’s the alter ago of Colombian musician Gabriela Jimeno, who is perhaps more known as the drummer of dream pop trio Balancer. A past in punk bands, a degree at the prestigious Berklee College of Music and a present in Brooklyn’s riveting music circuit, Jimeno is now teaming up with Andrés Nusser of the beloved Chilean band Astro for her first solo work, an EP of chilled synthy music that bears the title of “First Words”.

A slight voice on a slight beat, “Kiddo” is slice of frozen goodness that manages to make you move with an effort as minimal as its tiny springy sounds. It’s gentle and clear, the ambivert type, the kind of music you would play for an impromptu daytime dance party in your living room, preferably when it’s cold outside. Just lovely.

“First Words” is out December 11th. If you liked what you heard, listen to electro bossa nova Jamaica, the first extract from the EP.

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