Elohim brings out inner emotions of darkness in “Skinny Legs”

Anonymous artist Elohim is defined as “a name for God used frequently in the Hebrew Bible.” It isn’t just a name for her. It means more than just the definition. She says she loves the word because it “…feels strong and empowering. Even phonetically, it sounds and feels like strength… constantly on the quest to find independence, positivity, and strength within.”

“Skinny Legs” being her most recent track has embodied her quest for strength in its entirety. This psychedelic, electronic track brings human emotions, even the darkest kinds to life. From anxiety to self-doubt, she exposes her emotions through her music and not her physical persona. Even if you’ll never see her face in its entirety, she has portrayed her experimental alternative sound into something euphoric. It’s different, it’s honest and in a way, it’s freeing.

Elohim’s music video for “Skinny Legs” is a challenge to the mind.

Her music video for “Skinny Legs” is a challenge to the mind. Not only for its psychedelic features, but for the chaos and conflict within. The young girl featured is outstanding. Shifting from her younger self to an older female figure, portrayed by Elohim, this video reflects anxiety spoken in the music, and it momentarily provides glimpses of defeat, control and awareness.

There’s a constant battle between control within, and being controlled by outer influences and in the moments of stillness, you can really feel the emotions. In the end, after all the havoc and stress, there is sadness and a desperate hunger for complete freedom; either from oneself, another, or an idea, it’s a piece of art that can be interpreted in so many powerful ways.

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Clarissa Meneses

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