Erika de Casier signs to 4AD, shares “No Butterflies, No Nothing”

Erika de Casier‘s new single, “No Butterflies, No Nothing,” is now out on 4AD.

Last year, Copenhagen-based artist Erika de Casier released Essentials, a collection of aerial R&B songs that are both endearingly pure and effortlessly effective, that we named as our favourite album of 2019. With such a strong debut, it’s only half a surprise to learn that she has now been signed to 4AD.

Coming with this announcement, Erika de Casier has also shared a brand new single, “No Butterflies, No Nothing,” co-produced once again with Natal Zaks. Featuring harp and ethereal textures which only she has the power to create, the baroque track depicts a romantic atmosphere.

About the track, she stated: “‘No Butterflies, No Nothing’ is about wanting to fall in love with someone, but the butterflies are just not coming. For the video, I wanted to create a sort of ‘perfect’ realm where the underlying drama is what cracks the picture. When I was a kid I used to hurry home from school so I could watch Days of Our Lives and I really think it’s funny how soap operas depict the characters’ lives in such an openly overdramatic and unrealistic way – it’s all about the drama. I was also inspired by romantic period films like Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility, so to mix the two aesthetics with my own was really interesting.”

You can also stream the song in our Best Tracks of 2020 playlist.

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