Eva B. Ross encapsulates the flutters of budding love on “Subliminal”

Eva B. Ross‘ new single, “Subliminal”, is out on Fourteen One Four.

Los Angeles-born singer-songwriter Eva B. Ross returns with her first track of 2019, “Subliminal”. Co-produced by Grant Milliken, the gentle and dreamy track is the first single from her upcoming debut EP. It’s a sparkling offering which encapsulates the flutters of budding love, when you try to identify and interpret all the little signs that come from your new lover. Sometimes even inventing some of them. About the track, she explained:

I wrote this song about the subliminal messaging that happens early in dating. When you have a crush on someone, and you listen to their playlists and hope they’re trying to tell you something. It’s a fun little thing, before anything becomes real- and everything is still possible…

The track also comes with a Daniel Rashid-directed video that you can watch below.

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