Eyemèr’s “On My Own” is a delicate defense of introversion

Eyemèr responds to the darkness of the world and shines a light on the rest of us with new single “On My Own”.

Using their melancholic indie-folk to break down the stigma against mental illness, Eyemèr is the project of nonbinary singer-songwriter Sarah Devreese from Ghent, Belgium. The project began in 2018, prior to which Sarah released music using their own name. As Eyemèr, they use their platform to bring light to the realities of genderqueer people and people living with mental illness.

“On My Own” is the opening track on Eyemèr’s latest EP, Good Mourning to You. It begins simply, yet packs an emotional punch: the strummed acoustic guitar, delicate keys, and subtle strings arrangement nearly bring tears to your eyes before the words even begin. Alluding to the terrorist attack on Brussels airport in March of 2016, the lyrics describe the challenges of being a naturally introverted, self-isolating person in the wake of international tragedy and fear. ” Call me lonely, Call me fragile and a bore if that’s what describes me. I don’t mind your tone. People are trying to destroy our world. Don’t arrest me, it’s not my fault,” they sing.

The track is beautiful and striking in its simplicity: Eyemèr’s voice is smooth yet piercing, bringing forward the track’s surprisingly uplifting message with just a touch of echo. By its end, the song is not just about the difficulty of being a solitary person, but also about the beauty of it. Eyemèr sings these words from personal experience:

During their teenage years, Eyemèr did not have many friends. At times, they had absolutely no one they were close to. After a while, they started to believe that wanting to be alone was simply a personality trait of theirs; the way they were wired to be. However, over the past few years, Eyemèr has realised it is healthy to spend time with others. They still enjoy their ‘alone time’, but now know that it is important to push themselves to go out and be with others as well.

Watch the visuals of “On My Own” below, and make sure the tissues aren’t far away before you press play.

Erin Bensinger

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