Free Anckaert’s playlist #16: Tami T, Basile3, Orlando…

Spring is here! This week’s playlist by curator Free Anckaert is here with a selection of his favorite tracks.

Our curator scours through hundreds of SoundCloud tracks to find the best new gems by artists that are flying under the radar. Our Brussels-based fellow overwhelms you with a variety of songs that make your head go nuts. This week, Free offers us a playlist that smells like a comeback! Here are a few of his favorites:

Tami T – Strong Hands:

“Strong Hands” is probably the ‘oldest’ song in all of my Highclouds playlists so far. But I’ve got a good reason to open my 16th Highclouds playlist with Tami T’s best song – not that I need any reason to add any song in my playlists anyway. Anyhow, when (heroine) Fever Ray played the Ancienne Belgique last Thursday, Tami T was the support act. If you’re a keen follower of Highclouds I’m pretty sure you already know her ánd you know she’s amazing (with her strap-on as percussion). “Strong Hands” definitely is a (gay) anthem the world needs.

Basile3 — Sadly, My Crypto Banks:

This is the discovery of this playlist. “Sadly, My Cropto Banks” is part of Basile3 – a 24 year old producer based in Paris – his latest EP “Recyclable Pop Exercice”. It’s a compilation of some songs he made during last year. “I guess – Recyclable Pop Exercice – is my utopic, honest and versatile take on current trends and tropes in instrumental pop music” – quoting Basile3.

Orlando – Friends or Lovers? (feat. Buscabulla):

Oh I love it when new artists succeed to completely blow you away with an excellent debut album – thinking about Kelly Lee Owens and Kedr Livanskij among many others last year. Orlando who combines pop, dancehall and contemporary club music in his self-titled debut certainly knows what he’s doing, working together with Mr. Mitch, Octo Octa and Buscabulla. The album is about “focusing on experiences of near-insanity, depression and healing”, inspired by life in New York, his sexuality and ghosts.

Another week of fresh tracks by breaking artists around the world — brought to you by FREE. Check the full playlist below!

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