George Riley taps Hudson Mohawke on frenetic new single “s e x”

“s e x” is taken from George Riley‘s upcoming EP, Un​/​limited Love, out November 10 via Ninja Tune.

On November 10, George Riley is set to unveil her eagerly awaited EP, Un​/​limited Love, marking the dawn of a vibrant and provocative new era for the London-based R&B visionary. Following the sun-kissed house vibes of lead sigle “Elixir,” Riley just graced us with the frenetic “s e x.” This second single delves into the complex and tumultuous power dynamics that often underpin abusive relationships, shedding light on how individuals facing oppression can resort to any means necessary to rebalance the scales.

Collaborating with the Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke, “s e x” is an electrifying and pulsating composition that signals the forward-thinking artist’s shift from the intimate confines of her bedroom to the vibrant world of the rave scene.

The accompanying music video, an artistic creation by Tom Furse, renowned as a member of The Horrors and an accomplished visual artist in his own right, employs AI technology to illustrate how men frequently perceive women in their lives, often reducing them to mere objects of fantasy rather than acknowledging their humanity. In the video, Riley metamorphoses into various characters, including Goku, Catwoman, and the otherworldly opera singer from Luc Besson‘s The Fifth Element.