GINEVRA debuts with introspective and explorative folk song “Forest”

GINEVRA‘s debut single “Forest” is out November 16 via Factory Flaws.

Turin is one of the most industrialized cities of Italy but it is also located near the Alps. Made of mountains and wild wooden areas, these breathtaking landscapes are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for people who like natural spots. This is certainly the case of Italian singer-songwriter GINEVRA who unveils “Forest”, the first offering from her Francesco Fugazza-produced debut EP Ruins.

The explorative folk of “Forest” has a pristine resonance and a musky fragrance. With its deep layers and diary-like lyrics, the song appears both as an introspective pilgrimage and a sylval promenade. The repetitive and sinuous structure of the track also reflects this search for meaning. When it ends up on a bright and alleviated touch, GINEVRA has eventually discovered the much sought-after clearing hidden in the middle of the woods and the answer she was searching for deep inside her heart. A climax of relief even if the conclusions are devastating.

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