HighClouds: Best EPs and Mixtapes of 2020

HighClouds present their favourite EPs and mixtapes of 2020.

Let’s not beat about the bush: 2020 was the worst year of my life and I think it might be the case for a lot of people around. As a music fan, not being able to attend any concerts, seeing some of my favourite venues and festivals endangered and reading that up and coming talents are struggling more than ever has been a big bummer. I’m not even mentioning all the emails starting with “hope you are well during these strange times”. Well, guess what? We aren’t!

Even if we have spent most of our time locked at home, streaming more music than ever, not sure the smallest DIY artists will see the difference when they’ll receive their royalty revenues. All of that to say that artists need you more than ever. As we always repeat it, streaming is good but it’s not enough. Buy your vinyls, cassettes and merch and so on on Bandcamp special days (so they get 100% of the amount) or via your local record store (yes, they’re also having a hard time), attend virtual shows or, even better, send direct tips to the artists.

Some good news, though: 2020 has been pretty amazing music-wise. While it’s not always easy to support everything or to keep up with all the weekly releases, our staff tried their best to introduce you to some promising up and coming talents and bring the best new music to your ears throughout the last 12 months. Today, we are presenting our favourite EPs and mixtapes of 2020, with some obvious picks and a few overlooked discoveries to keep an eye on in the future. Thank you for reading us. Hope you enjoy and discover some cool new stuff. You can also check our Best Albums and Best Tracks selection.

40. Ferrari Garden – “Longest Slow Dance”

39. ascendant vierge – “Vierge”

38. quinzequinze – “Le Jeune”

37. Sedona – “Rearview Angel”

36. Gabriels – “Love and Hate in a Different Time”

35. Julia-Sophie – “y?”

34. Pearly – “prettydarksexymusic”

33. Sports Boyfriend – “Seek No Answer”

32. TDJ – “TDJ001”

31. Zsela – “Ache of Victory”

30. Sofia Kourtesis – “Sarita Colonia”

29. Bumper – “pop songs 2020”

28. Planet 1999 – “Devotion”

27. Alaska Reid – “Big Bunny”

26. Tomberlin – “Projections”

25. DVC Refreshments – “Hits Only”

24. Isla Den – “Virtual Garden”

23. Alpen Glow – “Amertape 2020”

22. Lysandre – “Maison-Dieu”

21. Forever – “Close To The Flame”

20. Nilüfer Yanya – “Feeling Lucky?”

Nilufer Yanya Feeling Lucky

19. Shygirl – “Alias”

Shygirl -- Alias

18. 박혜진 Park Hye Jin – “How Can I”

park hye how can i

17. Molina – “Vanilla Shell”

Molina Vanilla Shell

16. Murmur – “Behind Your Back”

murmur behind your back ep

15. Jockstrap – “Wicked City”

jockstrap -- wicked city

14. Magdalena Bay – “Mini Mix, Vol 2”

magdalena bay mini mix vol 2

13. Isola – “EP1”


12. Penelope Trappes – “Eel Drip”

Penelope Trappes Eels Drips

11. Eris Drew – “Fluids of Emotion”

Fluids of Emotion Eris Drew

10. Couch Prints – “Tell U”

Couch Prints Tell U EP

9. Blue Hawaii – “Under 1 House”

Blue Hawaii Under 1 House

8. Japan, Man – “The Bad Days”

Japan man The Bad Days

7. Christine and the Queens – “La Vita Nuova”

Christine Queens La Vita Nuova

6. Charli XCX – “How I’m Feeling Now”

charli xcx how i'm feeling right now

5. Zelma Stone – “Dreamland”

Zelma Stone Dreamland

4. Laura Groves – “A Private Road”

Laura Groves A Private Road

3. Yaeji – “WHAT WE DREW 우리가 그려왔던”

yaeji what we drew

2. oklou – “galore”

oklou galore

1. Bullion – “We Had A Good Time”

Bullion We Had a Good Time

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