In ‘Hints and Implications’, Samantha Urbani proves she’s more 80s than Madonna

Alternative pop star Samantha Urbani is back with her ‘Hints and Implications’ video and we’re all back in the 80s.

Samantha Urbani recently released her debut solo EP ‘Policies Of Power’ which features her recent singles ‘Go Deeper‘ and ‘Hints and Implications‘. There is now a Daniel J. Algarin-directed video for the latter and it’s a psychedelic anthology of everything you can expect from the 80s. There are flashing lights, lasers, not-that-futuristic effects and Samantha Urbani even looks like Madonna in her ‘Like A Virgin’ era.

About those new visuals, Samantha Urbani detailed:

The concept of the video was originally meant to be a surrealist inescapable nightmare, “A Dream Within a Dream” (my favorite Poe poem) as the songs about an impossible communication block and the ontology of interpersonal truth itself — juxtaposed with the absurdity of mundane life, I kept saying “Twilight Zone x Maya Deren x Clerks” (three of my favorite and most relatable things ever), but as the video started coming together more through the edit than the treatment, it related to the sound of the song more than the concept — New Wave x nu metal.

Before adding:

We tied it into the amazing EP artwork by Brodie Kaman and held it up to the coloring genius of the video for Lush’s first video for De Luxe & the genius Jean Paul Goude x Grace Jones images…starring my most Edward furlong self, in my mystic pizza hat.

Samantha Urbani‘s ‘Policies of Power’ EP is now available via Lucky Number. Watch her new video ‘Hints and Implications’ below and connect with the Brooklyn-based artist via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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