James Blake x Justin Vernon – I Need a Forest Fire

London electronic songwriter and producer James Blake alone is hauntingly mesmerizing and somber. His reputation for creating tracks that tug at your emotions and lure you into a peaceful, floaty other world are well known. Combine him with Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) and you have a match made in soothing heaven. “I Need a Forest Fire” is one of 17 tracks off James Blake’s newest album “The Colour in Anything” and the equally beautiful video was set loose in the world recently.

“I Need a Forest Fire” is just one of many heart-stopping songs on his album but it is perhaps the best in terms of vocals and harmonies that take you to another dimension.

“I Need a Forest Fire” combines two simply ghostly voices that seem so frail yet so pure. Like a lot of Blake’s and Iver’s music it has a simple, flowing electronic beat that plays a supporting role to their magical voices. Bon Iver takes the lead in the verses only for them both to combine and create harmonies trembling with emotion in the chorus. Blake’s third album is scattered with collaborations and this comes fresh after his cameo in Beyoncé’s “Lemonade“. Blake has said that he wanted to let more artists into his work and move away from being so isolated when creating his music. We are ecstatic he has decided to combine with such brilliant artists and has created some truly mesmerizing tracks.

“The Colour in Anything” is now available via Polydor on iTunes.

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