Jane Penny shares fluttering and sensual new single “Wear You Out”

“Wear You Out” is taken from Jane Penny‘s Surfacing EP, out April 5 on Luminelle Recordings.

Jane Penny, the mesmerizing lead vocalist of TOPS, is readying the release of her solo debut EP, Surfacing. Shaped by her time in Berlin during the pandemic, a period she defines as challenging and fraught with vulnerability, the project became a catalyst for her to explore resilience through a transformative musical journey.

After “Messages,” Penny has now unveiled a fluttering and sexy new track, “Wear You Out,” of which she said: “I wanted to make something poppy and cute but also a bit sinister and weird, sensual and witty. Lots of wordplay, a bit dirty, I think the video represents the song well. Sometimes the greatest passion and the most intense love is slightly destructive and I wanted to explore that in a fun way.”

Like the previous single, “Wear You Out” comes with an excellent OTIUM-directed video. Watch below.