[PREMIERE] Jack Ü X Ember Island – Where Are U Now (Jimny Remix)


It is interesting how a song can almost do a full circle in styles, by various remixes and covers. Grammy-Awarded Jack Ü‘s amazing single “Where are you now”, which originally features Justin Bieber, started as a stripped back piano ballad before being manipulated by Skrillex and Diplo and turned into one of the hottest dance tracks of the year.

In the cover version of Swedish trio Ember Island, the dance spirit fades away to give some room to sweetness and intimacy . But with the rework of rising producer Jimny, the track takes, again, another turn: the slower version gets back to the floor! The band and the producer both tap into the vulnerability of the lyrics while giving back to the dancefloor what belongs to the dancefloor! Listen to Jimny‘s amazing remix, which transforms the song from a dancefloor filler to a catchy tearjerker!

Listen to Ember Island‘s cover of Jack Ü:

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/202981578″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Where are you now Jimny? I hope creating more stunning remixes like this! This is a beautiful example of how a well-known track can be squeezed, twisted and crafted into something totally different and equally groundbreaking. To use such a well-worn track that many will be familiar creates a challenge on how you make the song your own but keep its soul. Jimny manages to do that brilliantly with his version that flows seductively and builds to a grand crescendo that is head-noddingly, fist pumping good.

Jimny – 25 from Brooklyn, New York – is relatively new to the dance scene but has already put out some impressive remixes on his Soundcloud page, for bands such as Alt-J or Sable. He started out playing as a guitarist in funk and blues bands before falling into the hands of dance music production after hearing xxyyxx’s self-titled album back in 2012:

it inspired me so much that I had to start doing my own productions, I’m still to this day listening to his music and always hearing something new that inspires me

Listening to xxyyxx’s style you can hear the care and craft that has gone into the production and that is reflected in Jimny’s work. The attention to detail is on point and the sheer variety of style is impressive which is something that he has clearly latched onto. Jimny’s remix of Ember Islands‘ cover is an intriguing Future Bass gem. The artist, who comes from Santiago de Chile, has managed to take the track back into the realm of dance while retaining the intimacy that Ember Islands gave it.

Get ready for more Jimny‘s music soon as his debut “LP1” will be released in June! Indeed, the artist recently signed to dance label Perfect Havoc. We are excited to see what else Jimny can produce, to listen to his own compositions and to see where his obvious talent will take him! Stay tuned on his Facebook page!

Good news, Jimny‘s remix of “Where Are You Now” is a free download!

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