John Moods mixes nature sounds and ambient sensibilities on “Anyone”

“Anyone” is taken from John MoodsThe Great Design, out November 11 on Mansions and Millions.

The end of the year will be busy for John Moods. The Berlin-based musician will release a collaboration album with The Zenmenn on Music From Memory in October and, one month later, he will unveil his third album, The Great Design. So far we’ve heard the excellent lead single “It Ain’t Your Time”, which is already featured on our Best Tracks of 2022 playlist. This week, Moods unveiled another great track, “Anyone”, which presents aerial layers and exotic textures – the final rendition should please all the fans of So-era Peter Gabriel.

“‘Anyone’ is a song that sounds like a misty, steamy daydream,” explained John Moods. “It starts out in the Amazon, a place of my longing, fears and dreams, the cradle of many life forms and great designs and then ventures across time and space and into our modern world. When you least expect it, it culminates in a chorus that sends a message of trust and hope into the process that humanity is going through and the sure destination it’s all headed…”.

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