Kadhja Bonet: some words about her upcoming “The Visitor EP”

We just labeled Kadhja Bonet‘s last track “Honeycomb” as THUNDERCLAP -best new music- and in order to keep you waiting until the release of her “The Visitor EP” due for this fall, we had a little chat with the artist.

1) I know you don’t like to talk too much about your personal life, but if you had to present yourself in one sentence… Who is Kadhja?

I am the snake – the shape-shifting recluse. I am resourceful, and I do my own dirty work. I am stubborn but adaptable. That’s 3 sentences (laughs).

2) I woke up one day and discovered “Honeycomb.” Suddenly, a ray of light illuminated my day. Do you know that this song is so powerful? Can you tell us a bit more about it?

I am not sure what to tell. The first verse were words I actually uttered to someone. I immediately realized they were too corny for real life and framed them into a song, which is much more forgiving.

3) At the time of internet pop and DIY studios, it is very nice and refreshing to hear music with real instruments. On “The Visitor”, all the writing and arrangement are signed by you. We know you are a multi-instrumentalist. A conductor actually! But how did you bring this project to life?

Well this is a diy studio product as well. All in a cramped Los Angeles apartment. It didn’t take ages, it did incubate for ages though, before i had the means and wherewithal to properly execute it.

4) In 3 words, what can we expect from your upcoming album?

The next release is actually a re-release of my EP so I’m not sure if you are referring to that or the following full length LP? In any event, I will let you pick your own 3 words. No one elses’ opinions about art should ever matter as much as your own.

5) If you could work with an artist right now, who would you choose?

I’d like to do something with Thundercat or Frank Ocean or Kendrick or Anderson Paak. I would only ever want to work with people who are stubbornly and unapologetically themselves.

6) Do you like to read?

I don’t find or make much time for reading these days. Too many other things going on. I write though. I write my own stories, when i can’t sleep.

6) Do you plan to support this album on tour? Actually, this is a really selfish question; we want to see you live!

I am planning to go on tour to support the full length album coming out in early 2017!
Thank you for asking – looking forward to that.

The re-release of “The Visitor EP” is due for October 21. You can pre-order it there.

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