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Kadhja Bonet – The Visitor EP

Los Angeles’ Kadhja Bonet (pronounced “Kad-ya”) has been catching glances throughout the music world for about a year now. A


Kadhja Bonet: some words about her upcoming “The Visitor EP”

We just labeled Kadhja Bonet‘s last track “Honeycomb” as THUNDERCLAP -best new music- and in order to keep you waiting until the release of her “The Visitor EP” due for this fall, we had a little chat with the artist.


Kadhja Bonet – Honeycomb

It is known that the bees are nowadays in danger, and as a consequence, they will become rarer. The delicious nectar and the craftsmanship that they carefully deliver in order to create the structure of hexagonal cells of wax known as “honeycomb” could do so. This rarity, precision, and delightful taste are what come first to mind while discovering Kadhja Bonet’s “Honeycomb”. It’s the first track taken from her “The Visitor EP” due to be released on October 21.