Kate Teague announces summer EP, unveils first single “Poison Mind”

“Poison Mind” is taken from Kate Teague‘s upcoming EP, Loose Screw, out on August 11.

It’s been a minute since Kate Teague enchanted us with new music. Her last EP was released back in 2019, and since then, the singer-songwriter relocated to New Orleans, LA (a homecoming of sorts, she was also based there in her early twenties), where she has taken some time to learn how to record and arrange music on her own. All these changes eventually led to her upcoming project, Loose Screw, which she announced today with single “Poison Mind”.

As usual, Kate Teague‘s new song is bittersweet. Her voice is dreamy, the guitar is caressing, but the music is just a vessel for her ruminations about life and existence. “You know that feeling you get when you finally lay in your bed, and all your fears just start talking at you? And your heart starts to race. This song is about that,” detailed Teague about “Poison Mind.” It feels oddly validating to know I’m not the only one who overthinks and can’t sleep at night.

“Poison Mind” also comes with a video, of which director Joshua Cannon explained: “I was so excited when Kate shared early mixes of her new EP with me. It immediately felt cinematic — every track was worthy of a video. We landed on ‘Poison Mind,’ and from the jump Kate had such strong ideas of how to visualize the insidious nature of anxiety, which I related to deeply as someone who struggles with that. It was a joy helping to bring her concept to life, and really just a dream collaboration across the board.”