Welcome the arrival of spring with Kedr Livanskiy’s “Ivan Kupala (New Day)”

Kedr Livanskiy‘s new album Your Need is out May 3 on 2MR.

In a few weeks, Moskow artist Kedr Livanskiy will release the follow up to her 2017’s impressive album Ariadna. Titled Your Need, this new record is set to take some distance from the cold and gloomy soundscapes of her previous offering. This sound shift was palpable in the first single “Kiska” and even more on her brand new track, “Ivan Kupala (New Day)”, which actually closes the 10-track project with a luminous touch. Produced by Flaty, the pulsating track reminds of the effervescence of spring and celebrates the victory of life and rebirth. In her own words:

The ending is joyful and bright. The last song gives hope and faith that a new day will come and wash away the old. You can feel like new every day.

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