King Krule instills nostalgia with ‘Czech One’

King fucking Krule! Oh, how I’ve missed this man. I was fortunate enough to catch his set at this year’s FYF in Los Angeles, and it was nothing short of extraordinary; it’s also worth mentioning that his performance wasn’t at all what I was expecting.

Earlier this week, King Krule released his first single in what feels like forever titled ‘Czech One’. Czech One is a nostalgic, silky smooth masterpiece. It’s hard to imagine one human could be blessed with this much talent.

The UK native is known globally for his iconic and peculiar low-toned vocals. Having amassed fans for his gems ‘Baby Blue’ and ‘Easy Easy’, his return was one highly sought out. King Krule‘s intimate and sentimental lyrics shine on in ‘Czech One’:

“She asked me why I’m here but I come here every night.
Do you need to tell her something? No, I need a place to write”


King Krule also presented us with an iridescent visual piece to match. The music video is truly one in a million; no words – check it out below.

Christian Gomez

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