Korine depict the anxieties of human interaction in “Sunshine”

Korine‘s new track “Sunshine” is out via Born Losers Records.

Philadelphia’s duo Korine (Morgy Ramone + Trey Frye) craft upbeat, 80s-influenced tracks where the melodies of pop and the aesthetic of goth collide. Following their 2020 album The Night We Raise, in which they were also exploring darkwave and new wave, they’ve just returned with “Sunshine,” a track which depicts the strangeness and paradoxes of social interaction.

“‘Sunshine’ came together in 2020 through a drum loop we had forgotten about making,” they explained. “When we listened back— it struck us both in a way it didn’t upon the initial creation. I wanted to touch on the complexities and anxieties of the human experience and how they manifest—pushing past feelings of inadequacy and finding some kind of hope on the other side. I was thinking about the satisfaction of overcoming something negative and achieving more than what one was thought possible. People come and go from our collective lives, hopefully something is learned—whether it’s the strength or weakness of some conviction or something more mundane, every moment could be a reason to grow.”