Montreal trio Le Couleur announce the summer with new single “Silenzio”

“Silenzio” is taken from Le Couleur‘s upcoming album Concorde, to be released on Lisbon Lux Records.

Montreal trio Le Couleur are readying the release of their new album Concorde. After the sensual and spleen-loaded title track, they have now returned with another track, “Silencio,” whose electro-tropical textures arrive just on time. With the upcoming summer that is going to be particularly uncertain, these infectious, sun-kissed hooks are more than welcome.

Although the track sounds very light-hearted and joyful, it actually depicts a very Manichean jousting. “‘Silenzio’ is about the death that lurks and holds us in a duel, already lost,” they explained. “It deals with the rivalry between life and death. The latter being put into image by a betrayal, and ending with the kiss of death (il bacio della morte). She wins again and we witness her executions.”