LIA unleashes the colour of evil in new music video for “Out Of Control”

Become entangled in the mind and world of Montreal-based singer-songwriter LIA in her raw, abstract music video for latest single “Out Of Control”.

A few weeks ago, LIA released her thrilling new single “Out Of Control.” The track is a captivatingly atmospheric and sparse song driven by a harsh, dark electronic dance bass line. The latter wonderfully contrasts with LIA’s sweet, smooth vocals and her beautiful falsetto harmonies.

Today, she finally unveils the accompanying visuals that are definitely bringing the track to another level. In an instant, LIA is transported into a world unlike our own, where she slowly finds herself being swept away by the overbearing powerful presence of the color red, indicating an overwhelming sense of danger and trouble looming on the horizon.

The video opens with shots of LIA looking very disoriented as she rises from the water, slowly adjusting to her surroundings. The scene quickly shifts to her appearing in various locations surrounded by potential friends, possibly even worshippers who proceed to perform synchronised choreography that works perfectly with the pulsating bass line that enters the mix.

The presence of red slowly become increasingly prevalent as the story progresses, with eerie shots of red veil wearing figures rising from pews in the church. The focus swiftly and suddenly shits to an outside winter landscape, with LIA now completely overcome and possessed. Bearing red skin, wearing all red, camera shots flick back and forth between LIA in her normal form lost and confused out in the cold to her alter ego looking to take over as she gives a rise smile in the video’s conclusion leaving us wondering about the fate of our protagonist.

Shooting this video did not come without its challenges on a small budget, with LIA owing a lot of debt and gratitude to 25 people who worked pro bono for 15 hours across three days to bring this creation to life. Reflecting on the creation of this track and the music video, LIA said:

At the time I was following the guise of many people helping me navigate a new career in music and I was being pulled in many directions. My co-producer and I created a palette of sounds that felt dark and brooding but also extremely powerful because, at the end of the day, I still have my control, I still have my power and I’m excited to unleash it with this release. I couldn’t be more proud of what we created.

LIA is currently working on her first solo EP featuring Montreal producers Frame, Robert Robert and Thomas White.

Joshua Coase

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