Loud Luxury x Shoffy – “Villains”

Loud Luxury Villains

“Deep house, with a splash of tequila” was the tagline given to Loud Luxury’s sound. Well I certainly don’t know what tequila feels like at all because I’m not 21 yet, and underage alcohol consumption is a sin against god, but it certainly is an apt description. Anyway, Loud Luxury and Shoffy made me drunk with “Villains”! Normal: it’s a free download!

Loud Luxury has the chill, dissonant melodies characteristic of deep house, but there’s a spicy quality to the piquant and peppery beats that hit you as strong as tequila (supposedly, of course) does. The band is a Canadian duo comprised of Joe DePace and Andrew Fedyk. They have been making waves with their successful bootlegs and remixes. They recently released a new single, “Villains”, featuring singer Shoffy’s vocals, which is a song great for both late night vibing when you’re winding down and head-nodding, effervescent dancing.

“Villains” begins with a simple and fun beat. The notes are bouncy, almost bubbly. Underneath it’s layered with a sharp and snappy rhythm, so characteristic of the sound they have come to be known for. The crispness of the beats provides a pleasant contrast with the cooler vibe of the song.

Shoffy begins singing and he has a voice that effortlessly finds its place with the vibes of “Villains”.

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His voice is as delicate as it is raspy. It’s a surprisingly delightful combination of gentleness with a touch of gruffness. His voice fits in seamlessly with the song, rising and falling, twisting with the bass line. He has a voice that is so subtly sexy. He has the voice of the anonymous stranger dancing with you, with warm breath brushing your ears, whispering sweet nothings knowing full well your paths will never cross again: soft and distant.

The pace of the song picks up. The bass crescendos and envelops you in it’s cool and downtempo vibes. The song is characterized by its rises and falls, in one moment it’s all snappy and synthy deep house vibes, and in another it’s slightly more gentle, framed by piano chords. The smooth rises and falls of the beat gives a roundish quality to the song that makes it both something easy to listen to, but also a song that you subconsciously begin tapping your feet along to.

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Sree Kariyadan

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