Joshua Moriarty

Melt into the ground with Joshua Moriarty’s “R.T.F.L”

My favorite kind of music is the type that leaves me melted into a puddle on the floor. There is

Xenoula Luna Man

Xenoula’s “Luna Man” is a wavy, idiosyncratic treat

It’ll make sense when you listen to this track, but I swear “Luna Man” by Xenoula was meant to be


Melis weaves together a haunting melody in Orwellian video “Holding Hands”

Gentle piano strokes and delicate vocals entwine together and with that Melis‘ new single “Holding Hands” begins. “Holding Hands” is


Usher in the gentle fall warmth with Boys’ new track “Rabbits”

Lo-fi alt-pop really is the vibe right now. What’s not to love, honestly? It’s a combination of the fun, ethereal,

Chet Porter

Chet Porter’s remix of “Love Is Alive” will warm you like the sun

The remix of Louis The Child’s track “Love Is Alive” (featuring Elohim) by Chet Porter perfectly encapsulates the feeling of


Take a sip from the hypnotic ice-water of Laxcity and Sherry W’s ‘Catch Me’

One of my favorite type of songs are the ones that deserve to be played in dark rooms swith the

Black Belt Eagle Scout

Black Belt Eagle Scout shares a haunting new melody on “Indians Never Die”

I read a quote by Black Belt Eagle Scout recently that really struck a chord with me. It goes “I


Slip into some “Bathwater” by WESLEE and enjoy the vibe

Discover WESLEE‘s new single: ‘Bathwater’. Several hundred years after the United States dumped British tea into a harbor, the UK