Melt into the ground with Joshua Moriarty’s “R.T.F.L”

My favorite kind of music is the type that leaves me melted into a puddle on the floor.

There is no better feeling than sinking deeper and deeper into your couch as your skin absorbs the smooth colorful lights illuminating an otherwise dark room with the music lazily dripping and flowing from the speakers.  Joshua Moriarty’s first single, “R.T.F.L”  from his debut album gives me just those kind of vibes, and it has left me completely liquefied.

If you love Glass Animals (like I do) you can definitely see the similarities between “R.T.F.L” and some of Glass Animals’ older work in albums such as Zaba. The gooey, dark violet and indigo vibes are definitely there.

The synths are dark and smooth and vibrate through your brain. It snakes its way right under the melody like a lazy river, stretching and winding through the track. The beat is layered right on top, with an almost jungle-y percussion vibes. It’s a pretty medium-sounding, solid beat: it resides right in the middle of the track without being too deep and bass heavy, and it’s not too light either. It provides substance and a backbone to this track.Joshua Moriarty’s vocals rise to the surface of the track, with his harmonies being mesmerizing and borderline psychedelic. It wraps around the whole track, serving as a finishing touch to a very musically strong track. “R.T.F.L” brings a jungle-like heat with a very cool and smooth kind of ebb and flow that makes it feel like it’s dripping down the walls.

He also released a video with this track, which is just as trippy as the song it was made for. Playing with lights and colors the video is a visually captivating. Optical illusion-esque 3-D images are seamlessly blended with interesting imagery and visuals resulting in a surprisingly sophisticated music video for a debut song.

If you dig really cool visuals and music that cocoons and hypnotizes you, check out “R.T.F.L” by Josh Moriarty, and keep an eye out for his upcoming music too. Issa vibe, honestly.

Check out Joshua Moriarty on YouTube, BandCamp, and Spotify!

Sree Kariyadan

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