Lucas Köksal provides the soundtrack to spring with new single “eye to eye”

Lucas Köksal releases frenetic single “eye to eye” in his first drop of 2024.

Continuing his streak of singles from 2022 (“Worth Your Time,” “If Only,” and “Goodbye”), the Canadian artist returns with his signature groove-infused indie pop in the shape of newest single, “eye to eye.”

The track effortlessly blends frenetic energy with grooviness, incorporating clean, jangly guitar riffs for added depth. Coupled with the laid-back vocals, it achieves a perfect balance, with the vocal melody seamlessly complementing the overall soundscape. “Eye to eye” exudes a sense of movement, infusing a jovial and bouncy atmosphere that instinctively makes you tap your toe and nod your head along. The careful arrangement demonstrates Köksal’s keen sense of when to strip back and when to enhance the fleshed out production.

Around the minute mark, the pace shifts, introducing an atmospheric element that acts as a gear shift or a reset. This transition beautifully leads into layered, almost muted vocals, expanding the sonic landscape before pulling the listener back in.Lucas Köksal‘s new song is tailor-made for late-night city strolls as the nights grow longer, evoking a sense of warmth and anticipation for the opening spring season.

The track concludes with a captivating guitar solo, where the previously subdued guitar takes center stage, infusing a hint of nostalgic ’80s vibes that elevate the overall experience. Rather than fading out, “eye to eye” leaves listeners feeling uplifted and motivated, thanks to that minute of captivating guitar goodness.

Rachel Chandler