Lyves teases sophomore EP with title track “Change”

The release of Lyves’ sophomore EP, Change, is planned for this summer.

After the impressive “How Would It Feel,” released earlier this year, London-based artist, songwriter, and producer LYVES returns with “Change.” The gorgeous piano ballad, which is the title track and lead single off her forthcoming sophomore EP, was co-produced by Dave Okumu.

“Collaborating with Dave on the production was a magical experience,” LYVES stated. “He really understood and witnessed what I was singing about and how I wanted to convey this emotional story. This song feels incredibly vulnerable yet also powerful and menacing all at once, so I wanted to really imbue these emotions and the journey across them. Dave’s presence and beautiful musical contributions felt like a gift and infused a sense of protection over the music. I felt very seen by him.”

Before adding:

“It is a very personal narrative of my experience reaching rock bottom following the ending of an important relationship. The devastation I felt was like no other I had experienced before, but in completely losing myself, I also found that staying stuck in denial only perpetuated the suffering further. It’s a song about reaching acceptance after months of living in false hope of reconciliation. It tells the story of how learning to accept and embrace change after so much resistance became my saving grace.”

Watch the accompanying-visuals below.