Mai Lan- Technique (video)

Yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T DO IT! When I tell you Mai Lan knows how to serve that fire… Have you watched her amazing video for “Technique”? Stop. Have you ever been served fire? Have you ever had fire… served? Never?

Then why am I wasting my time? Go find out what it means to be served fire… THEN return… Just so you know exactly what breed of FIYAH we have on our hands…. because this fire right here…. THIS MAI LAN FIRE RIGHT HERE????…. YOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. Breathe… 🙂

You know how it is on the internet. Random shit, and random people talking and doing random shit. Random songs about random shit. Random shit about random shit ..on toast. We’re on a different… fucking … wave right now. Which is why… This song…is FIYAAAHHHHHHHH!

Mai Lan Technique Gif

Mai Lan‘s ‘Technique’ literally orders you to become addicted to the random shit she does…and I cannot and will not get enough of her shit.

With a simple electronica-drum’n’bass-tripbeat-trapstep-hopscotch bounce laced on the kind of electro groove you hear before every drop for every song… you are left feeling a little bit blue-balled.

(See ‘Blue Balls’)


Mai Lan isn’t playing with you fuckers. She’s tickling your fancy; pulling you in …and leaving your thirsty ass at the door. And you WILL keep coming back for more.

By the way. Whoever hired PANAMÆRA to direct the video was clearly hired by life itself. The video is a work of beauty: Anime-imposed facial expressions (0:47) to yoga-esque choreography…and all the colourful backdrops with gold-bangled hand-signs in-between?
…Hyphens are necessary.

Mai Lan Anime Technique

It all just works…and yet I don’t think I’ve given you five reasons why:
1) Egg
2) Pizza
3) Noodles
4) Computer Breaks
5) That alien-cat-human-thing at 2:37


Mai Lan Gif Alien

And did you hear those minty-cool harmonies at the end, tying the tune together? I… don’t need anything more from you, Mai Lan. This is your first, second, third, fourth and fifth single. This is your first, second, third and eighty-ninth album. You won!

I wasn’t put off by the way she said ‘De-licious’ …

Mai Lan Technique Delicious Gif

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