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DYAN‘s “St. James” is the kind of song that makes you want to call your mom and tell her that you love her … not because it has anything to do with mothers … but it just puts you in that mood where you remember the long drives home or the evening parties she’d take you to because there was no one around to babysit.

“St. James” has that quality, that nostalgic quality, amped with electric amphitheater vibes that make you feel as if you’ve been treated to a sneak peak rehearsal of a gig that’d probably change your life if you attended it.

All of a sudden, life is summer when you’re listening to “St. James”. The kind of summer that leaves your heart buzzing because you’ll always remember it. The kind of summer where it’s easy to forget, and you find yourself on a road trip with people that are as crazy as you are, and it’s only a song like this that allows you to lose yourself along the way.

What is the lead singer, Alexis Marsh, singing about? I couldn’t tell you. I remember hearing “St. James” in the lyrics, but with an ambient vocal sealing the dome of an electric production, the important thing is to listen, not necessarily to the words, but to the sonic vibrations charging the soul, demanding that you feel something.

DYAN‘s “St. James” doesn’t pretend to be anything more than what it seems; an engine revving rock-ballad saluting the 80s and offering a hand to those lost within the static of 2016.

It is unforgivably retro and it is an undeniable classic that I’m almost too happy to zone into.

Oh – Electric-guitar solo? Check!

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