Maisie May debuts with bedroom dream pop song “2 Smart 2 Cry”

Maisie May‘s self-released debut track, “2 Smart 2 Cry,” is out today.

Hailing from a small American town, Maisie May left high school as well as her comfort zone to join the Big Apple at 17. Now determined to make a move in the music biz, she turns the little snippets of lyrics and melody that she once recorded with her phone into intimate dream-pop songs, crafting most of them on her own. The first track she came up with in her New York apartment is named “2 Smart 2 Cry.” It’s a diaristic coming-of-age story about her personal experience navigating first love and balancing self-purpose. Brimming with a breezy candour and vulnerability, this lesson of heart was co-produced by Brandon Tong of Couch Prints and mastered by MAXIMUM EXPOSURE‘s mastermind Tony Price.

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  1. Grace

    March 6, 2020 at 9:07 am

    Playing on repeat !!! Amazing work

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