Malibu shares remix EP of One Life with Julianna Barwick, Evian Christ…

Malibu‘s One Life : four remixes is out today on UNO NYC.

In 2019, French ambient composer and vocalist Malibu released her haunting One Life EP, which was inspired by the vastness of the nature and the ocean, her dreams as well as films and novels such as Jane Campion‘s The Piano and Jonathan Livingston‘s Seagull. Initially, the EP was commissioned by Julianna Barwick for the Joyful Noise label.

Today, Malibu is sharing a remix EP of One Life and the project has gone full circle as Julianna Barwick has reworked the opening track “Nana (Like a star made for you)”. One Life : four remixes also features renditions from John Beltran, Kelly Moran and Evian Christ, who turns the title track into a breathtaking, trance-leaning finale.