Mari Dangerfield’s “Virtually” is a perfect song for the Tinder generation

Mari Dangerfield‘s self-released debut single “Virtually” is out September 7.

Mari Dangerfield is an up-and-coming artist from London who made a name for herself by winning a competition organized by Yann Tiersen and Mute Records. Half tongue-in-cheek and half completely earnest, her first single “Virtually” is an endearing electropop commentary on digital love. “I virtually know you / But I only know you virtually / For talking online I couldn’t say I know you personally.” Rocking a Stylophone just like David Bowie did in his classic “Space Oddity”, Mari Dangerfield has managed to come up with an imaginative and fun way to produce futuristic sounds by looking into the past.

Even more remarkable that the song’s instrumental backbone is Dangerfield’s vocal quirkiness, which works just like a charm alongside the track’s lyrics and melody. From its opening riff to its awkwardly high vocals, “Virtually” is an ideal Eurovision song from top to bottom (disclaimer: this is NOT a backhanded compliment). “Virtually” is the perfect love song for the Tinder generation, the kind of track that every artist under 30 should be making. Do you remember the last time you first met someone in real life without having talked online first? Me neither. Dangerfield has gone to state that she was trying to make an electronic song that didn’t sound like most electronic songs these days. Mission accomplished. “Virtually” is as catchy as it is unique, and if this is her business card I’ll make sure to come back for more.

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