Blushing The Fires video possessions by Eddie Chavez

Blushing tease sophomore album with moody and dark cut “The Fires”

“The Fires” is taken from Blushing‘s upcoming album, Possessions, out on February 18 via Kanine Records. Blushing are a special

Rebecca Vasmant Dance Yourself Free

Rebecca Vasmant captures unbridled joy with “Dance Yourself Free”

Rebecca Vasmant‘s amazing new single “Dance Yourself Free” is out now via Tru Thoughts. Rebecca Vasmant is a Glasgow-based musician,

Lyzzy & the fanatics east angus 1998 video premiere

Lizzy & The Fanatics teleport us to the summer with “East Angus 1998”

“East Angus 1998” is the first single taken from Lizzy & The Fanatics‘ new EP, Deux Soleils, due out January

Malummi Shoes video premiere photo by Dshamilja Kalt

Malummí take us on a trippy journey with “Shoes”

“Shoes” is taken from Malummí‘s debut album, Blood, out via Irascible Records. Brazil, Italy, and Croatia converge in Malummí, a

Ydegirl by Luke Abby - interview album review

Enjoy the silence: We speak to Ydegirl about her brilliant art pop debut

Ydegirl‘s self-titled debut album is out via Escho. Ydegirl‘s music is defined by its reluctance to be pinned down. The

Sam Rappaport Journeyman's Ballet

Sam Rappaport deals with isolation on “Journeyman’s Ballet”

Sam Rappaport taps into the softer sounds of the 1970s with “Journeyman’s Ballet.” A Brooklyn-based piano player, Sam Rappaport decided

Holly Redford Jones Affection

Holly Redford Jones’s “Affection” is a moving account of queer adolescence

Holly Redford Jones‘ new single, “Affection,” is out today. Holly Redford Jones is a singer-songwriter from Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Last year,

RHNO You're Getting Stranger

RHNO’s “You’re Getting Stranger” is textbook bedroom pop

RHNO’s new single, “You’re Getting Stranger,” is out now. RHNO is a lo-fi pop project that started out during the