Maria Somerville casts an ambient-folk spell with “All My People”

“All My People” is the title track from Maria Somerville‘s debut album, due out March 1.

When listening to Maria Somerville‘s music, it’s not difficult to guess that the producer comes from Ireland. Her soundscapes are rainy and misty and they also convey a feeling of gigantism and disobedience that you can experience while visiting the local wilderness.

Pure product of this environment, her debut album is a patchwork of moody atmospheres that were recorded across Dublin, Cornamona and Inis Óirr – a tiny island sitting off Ireland’s west coast. Oscillating between light and darkness, the ghostly title track and first single “All My People” links to these facinating landscapes but also to the folkloric rites and legends that are part and parcel of the green island. In her own words:

I wrote it with a strong feeling of place and experience of rural Ireland. Influenced by traditional folk motifs and all of the dots between that and contemporary experimental music. It explores the equanimity of rural freedom while touching on it’s supernatural aura and mysticism

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