Lo-fi duo Morabeza Tobacco share woozy and smooth disco cut “Orinoco”

Morabeza Tobacco‘s self-titled debut album is out May 24 on Luminelle and Naiv Recordings.

Morabeza Tobacco is a Stockholm-based duo comprising Vanilla Stillefors and Gustav Jennefors. While it’s not difficult to guess that the band comes from Sweden (details of the production, smart hooks), it is more complicated to have an accurate sense of time when it comes to their music. Indeed, their retro-inspired songs are drenched in nostalgia and keep a strong lo-fi, DIY aesthetic even when they are made to whip the dance floor. A continuation to their dance-y single “Defenders of the Glam,” their new single “Orinoco” is a woozy, smooth disco bop with dreamy vocals. From the funky intro to the hazy final, the track is like a surreal travel through time. When asked about this new single, the duo sum up:

The song is about a feeling when you are lost in between fiction and reality.

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