NEWCOMER: Divo into mystery with Glasgow-based mystical producer SOONBE

Every Monday, we investigate like detectives in order to present you new talents that, in our opinion, deserve more coverage. Our newcomer of the week is Soonbe, a mysterious artist that totally awakened our senses and gave free rein to our imagination.

The imagination, because we don’t know many things about Soonbe. The artist prefers to stay in the blur and pertinently confesses that “when people know where you’re from or who you are they often create instant associations. Placing you nice and neatly into a little box that can be hard to get out of. I prefer this project being more of an entity that anyone can tap into without initial preconceptions blocking the path from the start. There’s also a great sense of freedom when no one really knows who you are. You are less afraid to fail or say what you really want to. If anyone was persistent enough to find out who I am, the bread crumbs are there to follow.”

Four months ago, “Nemini Parco” was released on Soundcloud: the non-stop 22-minute track is composed of 9 deep and mystical parts. There is clearly something spiritual in Soonbe‘s sounds, especially in tracks such as “Ouroboros I” and “Ouroboros II”.

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These metaphysical feelings can be explained by the inspirations behind the creative process of “Nemini Parco”. Indeed, it was influenced by the fact that life is short for everyone and that it has to be fully lived. “The piece is a documentation of me coming to terms with this. I found fulfilling my desires and living the way I want to prepares you for the infinite abyss. I have filled my belly and brain to the brim, guzzled sin and let life over flow, spilling and splashing back into the ground. I let the beast breathe as my eyes glaze over. Devouring every last drop. So that when it comes, today or tomorrow, I’ll know that I really lived.”

Soonbe, as a reminder that I will soon be dead.

“Tanuki” was the first track that was made under the name of Soonbe but a new version was recorded at the end of the project. “Tanuki (She Said)” comes with new vocals that are, by the way, quite kinky and sexual. The artist just took some sentences from girls and boys he met during this period and the result is just scheming and disturbing. Soonbe also shot and edited a video for the track.

2016 should be full of projects for Soonbe as more music, a book of writings and other visuals creations should be released. We can’t wait to dive a bit deeper in this universe which mixes sexual fantasies and thoughts about the sense of life and death.

You can download “Nemini Parco” for free here.

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