Soonbe – God’s Gold

Our very first Newcomer of the week of 2016 was Soonbe. A mysterious artist that totally awakened our senses and gave free rein to our imagination. The artist recently shared a new track called “God’s Gold” that continues in this dark theme that he was already exploring in his EP “Nemini Parco”.

Soonbe‘s talent in the production will manage to bring you into a totally different place. As if you were lost and blindfolded in a huge golden castle, where you’d only hear this mysterious anthem resonating and these tough lyrics being constantly whispered in your ears.
He will manage to trap you in this vicious circle, to which you won’t be able to escape and will never get enough. Soonbe adds a real aura to each of his songs, where not only the lyrics tell the story but also the instrumental gives you hints about the real situation.

I do as I please, so as to appease the beast she wakes
I used my teeth to cut it
She used to dig her nails in
Now the scars are fair

He who is abused of body
And rotten of soul
Together they would drink from fire water
And forever be tasting God’s gold

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