NIMF shares intricate ode to imagination “Space”

Irish DIY newcomer NIMF‘s new track, “Space,” is out today.

Hailing from Arklow, Co. Wicklow, Irish multi-talented artist NIMF started to play acoustic tracks with her guitar before evolving towards dreamy soundscapes which seem to belong to another space-time. Following up to her celestial single “cloudy dreams,” the DIY bedroom musician is now unveiling “Space,” a song that she describes as “a celebration of the imagination”. Reclaiming her own space, her “solar system” where she can escape from reality, NIMF challenges the codes of dream pop and bedroom pop with her innocence and disarming honesty. The track might be confusing at first, as it contrasts an almost childlike approach and a certain sense of humour (yes she is giving guidelines instructions at the end of the track) with kaleidoscopic multi-layered textures, but this is what a celebration of the imagination should sound like anyways.