Oslo’s Otha unleashes nervous new banger “Tired and Sick”

Otha‘s new track, “Tired and Sick”, is out now.

Following up on her dreamy and hazy dance tracks “I’m on Top” and “One of the Girls” (which ended up in the top 10 of our favourite tracks of 2018), up and coming producer Othalie Husøy, aka Otha, returns today with a hell of a banger titled “Tired and Sick”. Turning her social annoyance and frustrations into a dancefloor filler, the track sounds more hyperactive and muscular than her first offerings. Basically, this is the sound of nervous breakdown, the very moment when the straw breaks the camel’s back. “It’s an outburst song,” she explains. “And I hope that one day we can all be a little nicer to each other.” Listen below.

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