Past Palms’ “Looking For a Home” captures the beauty of everyday moments

“Looking For a Home” is taken from Past Palms‘ upcoming Portraits EP, out September 22.

Past Palms, a nature-inspired music producer, weaves enchanting botanical melodies that resonate with the soothing act of nurturing plants. Their latest musical creation, “Looking for a Home,” stands proudly as the inaugural track on their imminent Portraits EP. The transcendental track depicts a tapestry richly woven with intimate strings, granular textures, and intricate layers of field recordings. This relatable emotional journey captures the ethereal essence of everyday moments, like the mesmerizing dance of sunlight filtering through stained glass, the soft caress of warm water flowing over your hands, or the whirlwind of seeking a new place to call home.

Mark your calendars for the harmonious EP release date, as Portraits revelation aligns with the autumnal equinox.