PatrickReza – Let U Fall (Feat. Aubren Elaine)

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Intense. Bass-heavy. Dark. These are usually the words that come to mind when listening to PatrickReza‘s tracks. However, these are not the words that come to mind when you begin listening to his new track “Let U Fall” featuring the wonderful vocalist Aubren Elaine. Los Angeles-based producer typically drops strong dubstep tracks with solid basslines. However, “Let U Fall” pleasantly shakes things up in his mellower (but still very LIT) track.

The difference in sound is pleasant, and opposed to his other tracks which pump you up and gets you going, “Let U Fall” helps you relax and unwind. It’s cool, refreshing, almost fruity. It goes down like one of those pink refresher drinks from Starbucks (I’m thirsty, okay, and those things are pretty delicious, and no, Starbucks gave me no money to put that comparison in, although they totally should). It’s a good song to kick your feet back to because it’s one of those songs that just puts you in a better mood.

PatrickReza‘s “Let U Fall” maintains a solidity; floating like ice through the bouncy synth waves!

The song begins with gentle piano chords and subtle strings with Aubren Elaine‘s voice gently vocalizing in the background. Her voice is haunting and echoey, but there’s also a metallic edge to it. It’s fluid and cool, smoothly gushing through the spaces made by the notes. However, it maintains a solidity; floating like ice through the bouncy synth waves.

The vibes of the song begin softly. Almost ethereal. The quality of Elaine‘s voice gives the impression of standing in an empty room with the wind gently whispering through the deep recesses of the occupied space. However, the beats pick up and crescendo under the steady guide of her gently husky voice. The song builds up in intensity then releases into a bouncy breakdown. The synth rises and falls rhythmically, and hits each crest with a punchy drumbeat. Elaine‘s voice is repeating that she won’t let us fall, but it drops us, then raises us, then drops us again. Repeatedly. It’s a pleasant wave-like experience, rippling through you like the impression made by a tossed stone in a stream. The cool metallic quality of Elaine‘s voice is contrasted with the lively pluckiness of the music. The softness of the beginning is now completely replaced by snappy beats and dancey vibes.

The song mellows out again momentarily with some stronger strings, but once again builds up to the same intense, bright breakdown that makes this song so appealing. It’s a very lighthearted sound however, it maintains a refreshing crispness.

PatrickReza maintains a good balance that makes “Let You Fall” easy to vibe to in any situation. The versatility of this song makes it easy to listen to when you’re driving down an empty, stretching highway in the middle of the night or when you’re lying spread-eagled on a patch of grass with the sunlight dancing through your hair.

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