Emerging psych-synth duo pecq release thrumming single “Killing Time”

Psych-synth duo pecq drop fresh new cut “Killing Time” out via Upcycled Sounds Records.

Oxford’s psych-synth duo pecq return with the follow up single to “Stranger”. This new offering sees Hannah (Jakes) Jacob and Nikò O’Brien ruminate over unhealthy habits, breaking the cycle of returning to toxic environments and relationships. This is the second track lifted from their debut EP Stranger out.

Of the track, Jakes commented “”Killing Time” is about making the same mistakes over and over – dying relationships I kept going back to, destructive habits I can’t break. I’m a big one for drastic changes and breaking with the past but so many times I end up back where I started – burn it down and build it just the same.”

This meaning is reflected in the syncopated, off kilter electro-kalimba (yes, really) that seems to bring to life this echo chamber. There’s a delightful sense of uneasy repetition to the song, one that is both comforting and puts you on edge. Much like the perceived safety of returning to a relationship where you already know the person, the soundscape mirrors back the song’s meaning and amplifies the warning. Just because something seems familiar and routine, does not mean it’s good for you or your personal growth.

Centred around sparse, interlocking drum patterns and resonating synths, the crescendo in “Killing Time” comes just before the three minute mark. With Jakes’s continued assertion to “burn it down” orchestrating the explosive final minute, we hear the music truly ignite too during this crystal clear climax. In this final chorus, Jakes’s honey sweet voice is joined by a whole choir of pal vocalists.

The video accompaniment, directed by Ross Harrison, sees O’Brien truly “Killing Time,” playing with an assortment of retro time passing toys. His frustration grows until he too, snaps and begins destroying the toys.

Rachel Chandler