People Museum announce new album, share otherworldly single “Sleep (2023)”

“Sleep (2023)” is taken from People Museum‘s upcoming sophomore album Relic, which arrives November 10 via Future New Orleans Records.

People Museum‘s music is deeply anchored in the lush musical and cultural heritage of their hometown, New Orleans. With backgrounds ranging from choral and sacred music to electronic pop and indie rock, the four musicians give life to reveries that are both haunting and joyfully cathartic. “Each track contains layers of memory that speak to our city while also telling deeply personal stories of loss, love, persistence, catharsis, and the unknown”, they explained about their upcoming LP, Relic. “The record attempts to bottle the unique magic here in New Orleans as well as our frustrations and stresses.”

Their most recent single, “Sleep (2023),” was penned by lead singer Claire Givens after she experienced a vision of her mother as a lonely child artist. It’s an otherworldly ode about discovering your own sense of home and family beyond the bonds of blood.