PIPIOLAS unveils debut album, shares “Pogo En Casa” video

“Pogo En Casa” is taken from PIPIOLAS‘ debut album, No hay un Dios, out via Elefant Records.

Spanish duo Pipiolas, consisting of Paula Reyes and Adriana Ubani, refuses to conform to conventional genres. Their debut album, No hay un Dios, is a kaleidoscopic project that seamlessly moves between pop, eurodisco, fifties R’n’B, house, glitchcore, and more. While Pipiolas‘ music may initially sound bright and joyful, their lyrics delve into sarcasm, reproaches, and insecurities – as reflected in their Instagram bio, which boldly states, “we monetize the trauma.”

A standout track from the project, the infectious and scintillating “Pogo En Casa,” brings existential sadness to the dancefloor, as they sing, “Me da miedo morir sin saber, Qué es lo que se siente, Cuando algo es más grande que tú, Y además no duele” ([I’m afraid of dying without knowing, What it feels like, When something is bigger than you, And moreover, it doesn’t hurt])”, over a backdrop of festive synth-pop and retro techno pop. Watch the video below.