pixel.daddy invites Murmur and Samkopf on haunting track “@p0nytail_avat4r”

“@p0nytail_avat4r” is taken from pixel.daddy‘s upcoming debut mixtape, pixel.daddy’s echo chamber, out mid-September.

pixel.daddy is gearing up to release a mixtape, and this inaugural creation centers around the theme of collaboration. The songwriter, producer, performer, video and sound designer has assembled a group of 17 artists from Scandinavia and Germany for this project.

Building upon the momentum from their initial single, “@rev3rse_cowgurl,” they have now unveiled another track, “”,” featuring the dreamy Murmur and famous Norwegian drummer Samkopf. Murmur‘s haunting vocals once again cast a spell on us. They’re complemented here by a driving syncopated beat. Listen below.