Pixx – Deplore


The ghost of a folk songstress singing over the moodiest trip-hop: this is Pixx, nom de plume of Hannah Rodgers, a young songwriter hailing from Chipstead, rolling limbo between London and the Surrey countryside.

A graduate of the legendary BRIT School, Pixx is the newest addition to the rich roster of 4AD, which released her debut EP “Fall In” this summer. “Deplore” is the latest cut from it: a crepuscular song, slow like mud, which echoes the cinematic vibe of Goldfrapp’s most atmospheric numbers or Portishead’s elegant brand of gloom, in ways that are both graciously goth and graciously pop. With its ambiguous tone between a dream and a nightmare, it wouldn’t sound out of place on the soundtrack of a lost Lynchian mystery drama from the ‘90s.

The “Deplore” video is the third installment of a string of clips The Marshall Darlings have directed for the “Fall In” tracks. Heavy with magic realism and English fields where uncanny things are likely to happen, it fits Pixx’s sweet-and-sour, autumnal music perfectly.

If you’re hungry for more, check out the videos for “Fall In“, which features Pixx as Ophelia at the beach, and “A Way to Say Good-Bye“, with its livid tea party.

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