Prince Rama – Your Life In The End


Remember Prince Rama‘s vision of a muscular energetic 2067 in which museums are sponsored by soft drinks, art merges with extreme sports and the stance on pop music is funky, alien and strangely retro? Well, here’s another song to visit the future with and explore further the death-defying dimension of their forthcoming album “Xtreme Now”: it’s “Your Life in the End”.

Anthemic, this is what the song is. With its melodies big as a cathedral and an improvised choir formed by members of the Baptist church down the street from the sisters’ house in Brooklyn, it feels like a hymn but it sounds like a euphoric dance hit from ’90s or futuristic guitarless stadium rock. It’s practically impossible to resist raising your arms in praise and chant along when the huge Coldplay-like chorus kicks in. Incredibly uplifiting.

“Xtreme Now” is out March 4th on Carpark Records. Keep the adrenaline flowing with the fantastic previous singles “Bahia“, the glittery super-catchy take on sinewy rock of “Now Is The Time of Emotion” and the cowboy country\synthpop crossover of “Slip Into Nevermore”.

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