Reva DeVito Presents Visual for "Deeper"

Fresh off the release of her debut “The Move EP” on HW&W, Portland native and R&B prodigy Reva DeVito just put out the music video to her single “Deeper”.

“Deeper”‘s music video serves as a visual representation of Reva DeVito’s inspiration and feelings behind the EP with gray, pink and purple tinges accompanying the music’s sensual and vintage feel. R&B soundscapes set the tone of the song while the newly added cinematic value supports the musical vision.

“The Move” is a package of passionate anecdotes inspired by Reva, her friends, and family. Some of the main topics in the EP are dealing with difficult breakups, walking away from poisonous situations, and letting past experiences shape who you are. The music video accurately portrays Reva DeVito’s passion and stylistic approach behind “The Move EP”.

Captivating shots from around Portland lead the music video’s setting. One of the main themes from the video is centered around a group of people driving their car through the city. The car theme is contrasted by sexually driven scenes between a male and female character. The centralized male character is decorated in an outlandish mask and is engaging with one of the female characters for the duration of the video adding an additional provocative layer. One of Reva’s lyrics from the track “Remember love?” guides the structure of the video, which flashes scenes of the male protagonist and his lover.

Sit back and watch the visual portrayal of Reva DeVito’s “Deeper”.

Christian Gomez

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